About Us

Nepalese Accountants Association is a not-for-profit organisation committed to support our members along with the wider communities in the UK and in Nepal.

Our Organisation

Nepalese Accountants Association UK (NAAUK) is established as a non-profit organisation in July 2018  (company registered in England and Wales – Reg. No. 11487837) .

We are a group of Nepalese Professional Accountants currently residing and working in the UK.  We have been joined together with a common goal to promote, encourage and exchange skills in the field of accountancy and overall welfare of our members. 

Our Objectives

The main objectives of our organisation are as follows:

  1. Promote co-operation amongst the Nepalese Accountants in the United Kingdom and in Nepal.
  2. Encourage and enable Nepalese Accountants in the UK to participate more effectively with the wider communities.  
  3. Exchange skills and knowledge in the field of accountancy amongst Nepalese Accountants in the UK, Nepal and around the world. 
  4. Offering needful assistance for the welfare to Nepalese Accountants in the UK. 
  5. Offer support and assistance in the development of accountancy profession in the UK and in Nepal.